The Most Dangerous Contagion

Dear friends of Awaken the World,

Due to the intensity of recent world events, we decided to create a short video as a reminder of how essential it is to maintain our practice, while taking steps to protect our health and others. There is no better time to meditate than this moment, not only on the cushion, but to do our best to incorporate the elements of our practice into every experience in our inner and outer worlds.

When emotions are triggered, it can be particularly challenging to continue to observe the egoic mind and all its conditioning, without reacting or getting caught up in the identification. Thomas Carlyle, a 19th century Scottish historian, coined the saying “no pressure, no diamonds”… This expression can be seen as an invitation to deeply surrender to what is, understanding that the greater the intensity of the experience, the deeper the realizations, if we can remain present and open.

Downloadable transcriptions are available from the list below. Please note that all links may not be ready at this time, as we are working diligently to publish them one language at the time. Please check this language library below to find out the status of your transcription of interest.

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