Transcription – The Mind Pond Analogy

Stepping Stones

The Mind Pond Analogy

The mind is like a pond, and thoughts are like waves or ripples on the pond.

To make a pond still what can you do? The more you do the more you disturb it.

You can’t flatten it out or smooth it out by force- you will stir up more waves.

Simply leave it alone and it will settle down. Leave the mind alone and eventually the mind will become like a mirror.

The moon appears when the pond is still. The primordial self is realized when the mind is still. Do not mistake the reflection of the moon in the still pond for the actual moon.

The primordial self is neither near or far. It is beyond stillness and movement of the mind.

Pointing directly to the human mind see your own nature and become Buddha. Let go of all activities of the mind and senses completely.

What remains? Do not look for a thing. The primordial self is not a thing but neither is it nothing. Once you have seen the moon, when you look back at the pond you can recognize it in every reflection.