All Night Meditation

Join us for a collective consciousness experience:

All Night Meditation Thursday March 11th, 2021


As energies build toward spring and rebirth it is a perfect time to clear out the cobwebs that may have accumulated over the winter. I would like to invite you to a 5 hour long zoom meditation happeningThursday March 11th, at 11:45 PM until Friday at 5:00 AM EST. There will still be the usual zoom meditation 8:00PM- 9:00PM that evening.

In the ancient Hindu traditions going back thousands of years, this particular date (Maha Shivaratri) is considered to be a time that is optimal for realizing deep inner stillness and is associated with the god Shiva. Shiva is a word that points toward transcendent consciousness or pure awareness, the primal Atman of the universe. Maha Shivaratri is a turning away from the objects of the mind and senses, to overcome maya and to realize primordial awareness. Practicing presence and a day of fasting can help to realize the absolute stillness and fullness of energy which are the nature of Shiva (you could call it a dynamic stillness or luminous emptiness). In Zen the term “yaza” means extra meditation, and is a time for the gathering of the heart-mind.

  “The truth that transcends the intellect will not be seen by means of the intellect. The point of non-action will not be reached by means of deliberate action. If you want to achieve the point of non-action transcending thought, sever the root of mind itself and rest in naked awareness!”

~ Tilopa, Mahamudra Upadesha

There won’t be any instruction during this meditation. If you are looking to get grounded in a practice that leads you to Samadhi we have a free series found here 

We’ll be using our usual zoom meeting ID:613 111 7777,

Deep peace,