Subtitles and Transcriptions


The Inner Worlds Outer Worlds series, and the Samadhi films are available in 30 subtitled languages and dubbed in 7 of the most spoken languages in the world. While some videos may still not be available on a particular language, we are constantly adding more translations to the video library.  We could not do it without a great team of YouTube collaborators who help us proofread  and add subtitles to ensure that the perennial teachings are freely available to all.

Please check the translation library below to find out the status of your language of interest.



How do I access subtitles?


In order to locate and display subtitles, click on the gear icon to the left of the YouTube logo as shown in the picture. A list with all available subtitled languages will be displayed.


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Instructions to add Subtitles


To add a translation using Youtube's community translation tool:

First check the language you are proficient with on the pages below, and see if it has already been translated.  Greyed-out icons do not yet have subtitles.

Then check our step by step tutorial here


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