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Thank you for checking out my Patreon page!

I'd like to tell you a bit about why I’ve decided to go the route of patronage funding for my films.[/et_pb_text]

There are many ways to contribute to the AWT Initiative:

We always appreciate any gifts of financial support as the creation of our films relies in large part on donations.

A couple of dollars a month can help us keep production of these films flowing. All of the Patreon rewards are the same, regardless of the size of donation 🙂

Visit our PayPal page for one-time donations.

Youtube translations

We use Youtube’s community translation tool to make the films available in as many languages as possible. If you have translation skills for a language that has not yet been added for one of the films or teachings, we would be very grateful for your contribution.

Creative contributions

We are always looking for world class visionary art, animation, video and music for upcoming projects. If you would like to donate use of your artwork to the ATW Initiative please contact us here.

MP3 Audio Downloads

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