Samadhi Part 3 (trailer) – “The Pathless Path”

The Samadhi film series was created to inspire us to engage in meditation and self-inquiry that lead to Samadhi. Samadhi 3 conveys an overview of the two dimensions of practice, which are mindfulness and mental emptiness.
We are in the midst of production on this new project and hope to complete it by early 2021. As always, we cannot guarantee the release date, as each film has its own time to manifest.

The English versions of the Samadhi and Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds Film Series are subtitled in up to thirty additional languages. In most cases, downloadable transcriptions are also available from the list below. Please note that all the links may not be ready at this time, as we are working diligently to publish them one language at the time. Please check this language library below to find out the status of your transcription of interest.

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