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To determine if a subtitle exists, please navigate to the subtitles and translations page and click on the language you are looking for.  Greyed out icons do not have been subtitled yet.  If  you do not find your language there, it can still be added in the YouTube community translation tool.    In order to start a translation for your language, first access the english version of the film on YouTube and and follow the steps to use Youtuble’s Creator Studio area.

STEP 1 – Add Language

Start by pressing the three dots below the english version of the video you would like to work on, and click on ‘add translation’.

STEP 2 – Switch Language

On the YouTube Creator Studio, access the Subtitles/CC tab. 

STEP 3 – Select Language

Search for or select from the pull down menu the language you are adding a translation to. 

STEP 4 – Add Subtitles

Proceed to add translations for each video segment. You may autotranslate and then review / edit each translation field.

STEP 5 – Saving Review

Save your subtitles and notify if they are finished or need intervention by other translators.   If they are finished, they will enter a review process by the YouTube translator community.

STEP 6 – Confirmation Message

After your submission, in the thank you page, you may opt to translate the title and description of each video as well.

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