Re-establishing the ancient teachings

The primary objective of Awaken the World is to awaken human consciousness to its full potential by restoring the balance between our inner worlds and our outer worlds. Over time humanity has shifted away from direct awareness of our inner vibratory nature, and has become almost entirely oriented towards the external world of form. The balance between the inner and the outer is what the Buddha called the middle way, or what the Taoists call Yin and Yang. The middle way is the path that leads to beauty, love, truth, compassion, and a deep realization that we are all connected.

What does it mean to be awake? The Buddha said that it is simply the end of suffering. Christ said that the kingdom of heaven is within you, within each of us. All of the greatest saints and sages said "know thyself". One must stop seeking happiness outside and turn one's attention within to understand how suffering and negative conditioned patterns are created.

Seeds for future generations

Finding a balance between the inner and outer worlds is something that each individual must do on their own. No religion, institution or imposed structure can find it for someone. All true spiritual teachings are simply pointers asking people to look within themselves, and to cultivate their own personal connection to the source. The films and media made available through Awaken the World are not intended to establish any new group, sect, religion, collective, philosophy, theology or any thing that can be labelled.

Our intention is to convey a sense of wonder and curiosity so that individuals become excited about their own inner search. It is imperitive that the teachings do not turn into dogmas and that the process of looking within does not become ritualized. Individuals must always be encouraged to focus on their own inner world, rather than focusing on the teachings or teachers. We are not interested in facilitating or enabling gurus or teachers whose agenda is to attract attention, power, students or wealth. It is the intention of Awaken the World to support awakened individuals to become the teachers for future generations, and to provide the tools, spaces and means to restore a balance on the planet.

The vision: a return to harmony

" There can never be peace between nations until there is first known that true peace which is within the souls of men." - Black Elk


Teaching and Learning from Children
Teaching kids about their inner worlds is easier than teaching adults, because they are born connected and lost this connection as the ego identity forms. Very young children can teach us.

Learning from nature
Animals already know how to follow the movement of chi through their senses. Humans have lost this ability for the most part, but by doing the inner work we can regain this capacity.
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