Insight and Self-Inquiry Meditations:
The direct path focuses our attention away from objective experience and directs it towards the inner light of awareness that is always present and unaffected by that which comes and goes.  In self inquiry practice, one may ask the question “Who or what is having the experience?” Realizing our true nature is just one step on this path, as we must then continue with practices that integrate this remembering more and more into our everyday experiences.

We explore a variety of insight meditation techniques (also known as Vipassana or mindfulness meditation) that develop our ability to bring awareness, concentration and equanimity to what’s happening in our experience moment to moment. Insight meditation gradually exposes and strips away the layers of the illusory self – refining and purifying the body/mind – preparing it for the ultimate dissolution into source.

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I love a parade!

In this practice we use the metaphor of a parade to describe the constant flow of the objects of our experience (30 Minutes)

Being with our Emotional Experience – without the Story

It’s easy to get lost in and identified with strong emotions – lovely or challenging ones. (30 Minutes)

The Breath as Meditation Object, Then No Object

We building concentration, sensory clarity and equanimity using the breath as the object of meditation at first, then transition to meditating without an object of focus (rest as open awareness). (30 minutes)

Connecting with the Breath, and our Emotional Space

In this meditation we settle in via the breath, then find a neutral anchor in the body, then explore the emotional space. (30 minutes)

Relaxing the grip of the mind

In this practice we continually relax the mind’s tendency to engage and identify with particular objects – especially thoughts. (1 hour)

Feel Flow

Shinzen Young’s Feel Out Flow technique focusses on the changing aspects of somatic sensations. (30 Minutes)

Working with the emotional space.

This ‘Feel In’ technique can be very helpful in working productively with challenging emotions. (30 minutes)

The third eye as meditation object

Dan uses the third eye as the meditation object to wake up to stillness within stillness, the wisdom of the true self, the unborn primordial awareness. (1 hour)

Moving from Heart Space to Open Awareness

In this meditation we will work with the Heart Space (in relation to challenging times), then practice recognition of awareness itself. (1 hour)

Inner Auditory Space ‘Hear In’ Practice

Our inner auditory activity can often generate suffering through negative, unproductive mental talk. This ‘Hear In’ practice invites us to shift to a more productive, less identified relationship to our thoughts. (30 minutes)