Insight and Self-Inquiry Meditations:
The direct path focuses our attention away from objective experience and directs it towards the inner light of awareness that is always present and unaffected by that which comes and goes.  In self inquiry practice, one may ask the question “Who or what is having the experience?” Realizing our true nature is just one step on this path, as we must then continue with practices that integrate this remembering more and more into our everyday experiences.

We explore a variety of insight meditation techniques (also known as Vipassana or mindfulness meditation) that develop our ability to bring awareness, concentration and equanimity to what’s happening in our experience moment to moment. Insight meditation gradually exposes and strips away the layers of the illusory self – refining and purifying the body/mind – preparing it for the ultimate dissolution into source.

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Pain as Purifier

All experience – even that of physical pain/discomfort – can be used to purify our consciousness. Tanya Mahar guides us through a vipassana practice that can help reduce suffering/resistance around challenging physical sensations, then touches down in the Emptiness or Open Knowing within which/as which all sensations arise and pass. (30 Minutes)

Nurture Loving-Kindness – for Yourself

We practice unconditional compassion and loving-kindness (Metta) for ourselves in this meditation with Tanya Mahar. (30 Minutes)

Cultivating Tranquility via Ratio Breathing and Restful Physical Sensations

In this meditation, Tanya Mahar shares a breathing technique which can stimulate the parasympathetic system (relax, rest and digest functions), then leads a practice to further cultivate a relaxed state of mind/body through contacting restful or neutral physical sensations. (30 Minutes)

Mental Talk as Gateway to Disidentify with Thoughts/Self

In this meditation, Tanya Mahar guides us to explore the auditory aspect of thoughts in a way that can help us disidentify with them, and perhaps contact what lies beyond them. (30 Minutes)

Self Inquiry and Meditation as one Thing

Self Inquiry and Meditation as one Thing

The (Illusory) Character called ‘Me’

The habit of our attention is to narrow and fixate onto thoughts, fabricating the illusory character we call ‘Me’.

From Heart to the Ground of Being

In this meditation with Tanya Mahar, we explore the experiences of the heart, then shift our attention to what lies beyond all experience.

Letting go meditation.

Letting go meditation. Being here unmediated by the limited mind.

Focus: From object to the objectless.

In this meditation, Tanya Mahar works with moving the focus of attention from a narrow sensory object to open, objectless awareness. (30 Minutes)

Working productively – and gently – with Emotions

Emotions can be very sticky – in this meditation Tanya Mahar offers a practice to work gently and productively within the emotional space. (30 Minutes)