Samadhi Center

Located near the town of Bancroft in the Province of Ontario, Canada.


The Samadhi Center

The Samadhi Meditation Center, located in Ontario, Canada, was created in 2017 for the exploration of practices that lead to the recognition and integration of the true self. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience, background and belief system. The Center offers an intimate space in a beautiful, natural setting for both scheduled group retreats and personal retreats.

Practicing meditation alone may reduce suffering in one’s life, but without self inquiry may never lead to realization of the immanent self beyond name and form. And self inquiry on it’s own may bring a recognition of one’s true self, but if the habit patterns of the mind have not been cleaned and purified, then one usually loses the experience and falls back into conditioned behaviors.

Both the long path (traditional meditation and clearing of sankaras or energy patterns) and the short path (realization of the ever-present I AM) are taught at the Center. We feel that integrating both approaches is an effective way to prepare the human vessel for experiential insights into our true nature.

Be Still and Know

All retreats, including the 10 day long silent retreats at the Samadhi Center, are suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced and require no previous training.

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