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Physical and Virtual Programs and Retreats

The Samadhi Center

Dan completed construction of the Samadhi Center in Bancroft in 2015, and we’ve offered five years of meditation retreats there since. It was an incredible experience for us involving many opportunities for growth, connection and practice. Operating a center both during and between retreats is a lot of work, and in 2020 Dan was clear that it was time to let the Center go in order to devote more time to the films and development of an online retreat model. We want to thank everyone: the wonderful staff, participants and all of the visitors who helped make the Samadhi Center a very special place. We envision continuing to offer in-person retreats in the future at locations to be determined. Please make sure you are on our mailing list and we will keep you posted. We’ve handed the keys over to Bwiti Life who intend to continue to operate the space as a retreat center, including their own unique offerings.

Although we no longer have a physical base for meditation retreats, we now offer daily, drop-in, silent (unguided) meditations and we intend to offer them indefinitely. The value of coming together as a supportive, inclusive community for sustained practice can’t be overstated. Because we’re sitting in silence everyone can attend – language is no longer a barrier. Practitioners can opt to sit in silence, use one of our recorded meditations or BYOP (bring your own practice). Two silent sits occur most days, with exceptions on the days we offer our weekly guided meditations. All of our online meditations are free and drop-in via Zoom, please check out the meditation schedule for details.

Daily Zoom Meditations

Join us for silent meditation every day, as well as scheduled guided meditations and Q & A’s.

Upcoming Retreat Dates

 To Be Announced