Samadhi Part 4 “Sadhana”

ATW Ongoing Production. Stay tuned...

The fourth installment of the Samadhi series is about the ego-transcending spiritual practices that lead to Samadhi (union) in which one realizes Prajna (wisdom of one’s true nature).

This film will explore the most direct way to create conditions of no escape for the ego. With the limited mind we can’t make awakening happen, but we can create the conditions to make it more likely.

Sadhana also includes the rewiring practices to make Samadhi stable within the self structure, allowing the inner lotus to unfold.

At the Samadhi Center we have been reinventing and rediscovering old tools, and discovering new tools that can help to catalyze the awakening process. We now would like to share the findings with the world. We don’t have a timeline for the film yet, but will keep you posted on its development.