Awakening Mind Film Part 1, “Know Thyself”

Awakening is the next stage in human evolution.

The Awakening Mind Film Series travels the globe speaking to wisdom teachers, visionaries, and scientists from broad and diverse disciplines, philosophies, and traditions who are pointing with uncanny similarity and intelligence to this time as an epic juncture and an invitation to a higher evolution for humanity.

Awakening Mind explores the questions “who am I?”, “what is awakening?”, “why awaken?”, “what is consciousness?”, “how do I awaken?”, “what is the purpose and meaning of life?”, and “how am I to navigate this world experience to the best of my ability for the benefit of all?” In this time where the world feels out of control and filled with so much suffering and sadness, these questions are particularly relevant, and the answers are a lot simpler than one might imagine.

Our visionaries will help our audience see that life is not as complicated as they may believe, and it is possible to awaken to the understanding that peace and happiness is available to anyone anywhere in the world right now.

The Awakening Mind Film Series will be released for free for the benefit of humanity and the awakening of human consciousness (in as many languages as possible).

Speakers in Part 1, “Know Thyself” include:
Rupert Spira, Donald Hoffman, Neale Donald Walsch, Loch Kelly, Lisa Natoli, and Daniel Schmidt.

As we release these films for the benefit of the world for free, we rely on your support for funding. If you like Awakening Mind Part 1 “Know Thyself” then please consider supporting Awakening Minds Part 2 “Living Presence”; scheduled to commence filming in the summer of 2023. Your donation can play a vital role in making it a reality.

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