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The Awaken the World Team

Daniel J. Schmidt founded the not for profit Awaken the World Initiative in 2012. It’s purpose is to create films and materials which are made available for free in over 30 languages for the awakening of humanity. 

Daniel Schmidt

Daniel is the creator of the award winning film “Inner Worlds Outer Worlds” the “Samadhi” film series and is also one of the creators and speakers in the Awakening Mind series. It is Daniel’s intention to convey the one perennial teaching that is inherent within all of the spiritual traditions. Daniel created the Samadhi Center in Ontario Canada and the Awaken the World Initiative as an outer reflection of his inner world. His approach combines self-inquiry with traditional forms of meditation so that participants have the opportunity to simultaneously realize their transcendent nature, and to purify themselves of conditioned patterns so that the human vessel becomes permeable to their true nature. Daniel emphasizes that Samadhi can be experienced not merely as a temporary “state” but as a “stage” of development. Check out this interview with Daniel from the Awakening Mind film.

The “pathless path” is to realize an ever-deepening development process within the self-structure, and to simultaneously realize the emptiness of the self-structure. When these are realized as one, it is Samadhi.

YouTube Playlist of Dan’s Guided Meditations


Lilla Balint

Lilla Balint is an integral part of the retreats at the Samadhi Center, facilitating Iboga microdosing, co-facilitating Self-Inquiry dyads and co-creating healing sound journeys with Dan himself. Her journey took a life-changing turn when she had her first Iboga Ceremony in 2019. That experience was so profound that it catapulted her towards deep self-exploration and a major course correction on her path. She left her life behind and traveled to Gabon to become an Iboga Provider, got initiated into the Bwiti tradition and upon arrival home after the training, she found herself in deep mental unraveling and feeling lost and confused. Falling deep into the dark night of the soul, she could still feel the unfailing love and care of a higher intelligence. Her journey took another major turn when she took a leap of faith again and came to the Samadhi Center to help with Iboga Ceremonies. During that time there was a strong clarity that her journey was about personal transformation and to freely express herself rather than being confined to any tradition. She started helping out with the IAM Retreats and has been learning and evolving within her role as an Iboga provider and Self Inquiry facilitator ever since. 

Her deep identification with the false-self caused so much discomfort and mental anguish for her that she made a decision to do a Self-Inquiry Intensive with Dan in April of 2022, to find out who she really is. Now she understands that Self-realization is the beginning of a deeper work that one must willingly do to clear all samskaras that are in the unconscious mind. Her journey continues with the realization of the importance of remembering at all times Who she is by practicing presence and clearing old patterns and beliefs from the mind. With this wisdom, she is able to help participants to find their truth as they awaken to their true nature. Witnessing their own realization is a beautiful gift she deeply values and holds in her heart. 


John Cross

John has practiced meditation since his late teens, and deepened his spiritual exploration through the mindful use of entheogenic plant medicines. Profound healing has, and continues to be experienced as ever deepening layers of his true nature are revealed. Living through mental health challenges and chronic pain has propelled John to dive deeply within himself to realize the source of life.

After decades of working with the breath, both in meditation and as a self-regulation tool, John experienced a transformational shift through an “Elemental Awakening Breathwork” class. This inspired him to train as a facilitator in this method, and he has been offering this experience for individuals and
groups since then. Since 2019, John has been working closely with Bwiti Iboga provider Michael Cassidy, assisting in traditional Iboga ceremonies, including coaching and integration work. Through engaging with Iboga, breathwork, and meditation, John continues to be reborn into this life anew, and is continually humbled to witness the same in countless others through working with these modalities.

Jerome Giovinazzo

From a young age Jerome has been passionate about people and the human spirit, continuously endeavoring to learn deeper ways to connect with both himself and others. In understanding that the root of all our happiness comes from taking care of others, Jerome has dedicated his life to serving through his passions of yoga, meditation, coaching and cooking. Jerome has been fortunate to study with many great spiritual teachers in various lineages ranging from Tibetan Buddhism, Vedanta, and hatha yoga, to mention a few. Having completed a 2 year solitary yoga & meditation retreat deep in the mountains of southern Arizona, Jerome realized the power of going inward, which enables each of us to create the change we want in our lives. His teachings are predicated on the idea that how we experience the world in our daily lives is dependent upon our how we treat others, including ourselves; everything is essentially a blank movie screen upon which we project our reality — if we want to change the “movie”, then we must change change our behavior of body, speech & mind. Helping people achieve their dreams of health & happiness, Jerome brings joy, humor, and sincerity into his sessions. Jerome’s cooking for the retreats at the Samadhi Center reflects his wisdom that the key to happiness is in service to others. Check out this video to get a sense of his humor and love for cooking.


Tayama is a breath facilitator trained in numerous modalities. Her role is to guide participants through deep inner release of conditioned patterns.

Alex Litardo

At the age of 15, the book Sidharta, by Herman Hesse, marked the beginning of Alex’s spiritual quest. During those years, the teachings of Jung, Krishnamurti, Huxley as well as entheogens and chemical experimentation briefly revealed powerful periods of communion with the whole, which marked his life forever. Immigrating to the States at the age of 20, studies, jobs, family obligations, and a digital imaging career unfortunately veiled his spiritual path for years. Towards the turn of the century, a conscious decision to simplify life and make his work activities independent, Alex refocused his exploration on the nature of reality and being. A revelation about the coherence between quantum physics and spiritual teachings fostered a resurgence of his inner quest, gaining deep understanding and insight through the consistent, interdisciplinary and powerful presentations of Dan’s teachings and guidance.  Today, Alex is profoundly grateful to be part of the ATW initiative, managing the development of online resources, communications and translation projects.

ATW Daily Meditations Hosts

The Awaken the World online Meditation Community was formed as a supportive, inclusive virtual space which provides an incentive to begin and maintain or deepen a regular practice. The last Saturday of every month, Dan join us on a guided meditation to practice together then connect and share our experiences.
All are welcome to join us for these free, drop-in gatherings. 

Sean Campbell

Silence is the best and most potent initiation. Silence is ever speaking. It is a perennial flow of language which is interrupted by speaking. …..Silence is the true teaching. It is the perfect teaching which is suitable only for the most advanced seeker…”
( Ramana Maharshi).

What better way to serve Silence in this mad world of Maya than to help host these meditations ?!’

Sibasis Sahoo

After hundreds of experiences in 2017 that science could not explain, I was forced to turn inward and realized the inward is a mess as well.

Turning inward and facing myself, started a transformation that still continues. This was surrender.

If we can begin to understand what we are without trying to change it then what we are begins to undergo a radical transformation.🙏

Akram Mahani

It has been a true blessing and a privilege to host some of the daily silent meditations. These have helped me deepen my own practice.

Plus, I feel I’m part of a community of seekers who come together everyday for a common purpose. I greatly appreciate the opportunity!

Traudel Deffner

After 2 years of regular participation in the daily silent meditations, it now came about that I am allowed to help as a host to keep the meditations going. The biggest challenge for me is the handling of the digital tools – while staying in silence has proven more and more to be bliss and a blessing as well as a deepening of clarity and love. I appreciate this group very much, many thanks to all who participate!