The Mind Pond Analogy

Instructions for realizing stillness of the mind

The Most Dangerous Contagion

The greater the intensity, the greater the opportunity for purification and evolution. There is no better time to meditate than now.

Encounters with the Seraphim

20 minutes narration, followed by an audio-visual experience called “Metatron’s Vision”. The film explores the relationship between the dimensions of being and becoming as the self structure grows and evolves, and the apparent paradoxes of realizing Samadhi at increasingly more subtle levels of the developmental spiral.

Invitation to stillness

Invitation to stillness Warm greetings, It goes without saying that many of us around the globe faced unexpected challenges these years, as well as an amplification of our usual struggles. It has been a time of letting go of the old patterns and structures and moving into new energies and consciousness. It’s at times like […]