Hsin Hsin Ming- Zen Faith Mind Poem

This awesome video of the profound and timeless wisdom of the Hsin Hsin Ming, features beautiful imagenary and music by Dan and a soothing narration by Lila.

The Hsin Hsin Ming is a Zen poem that transcends the boundaries of time and culture to touch the essence of human existence. Penned by the third Zen patriarch, Sengcan, in the 6th century, this profound work beautifully encapsulates the fundamental teachings of Zen philosophy, and is a gentle reminder that the direct path to awakening is not about seeking external answers or elaborate practices, but about looking within and recognizing the undivided oneness that already exists.

This poem is often translated as “Verses on the Faith-Mind, and also referred to as the “heart-mind” wisdom, or “beginners mind”.

A mind with true faith is a “don’t know” mind.

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