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The New I.A.M. Retreat - Come to the Samadhi Center to Die Before you Die

After 15 years of doing meditation retreats and experimentation we have put together some of the best tools in the world for awakening and the realization of Samadhi. The synergies between the components of the new I.A.M. retreats are a significant step forward in the meditation world for those who want to realize Samadhi as a permanent stage of one’s evolution.

I.A.M. 10 day retreats

This is a retreat for one who is serious on the path of awakening/enlightenment. Far from being an escape from your life, it is actually the gateway to a deeper engagement with life. We’ve taken the best elements from a variety of different modalities together to custom-build this retreat to help facilitate deep Samadhi experiences. Some elements in the schedule include:

  • Self-inquiry: a well-tested methodology with dyads to stimulate a direct experience of your true nature.
  • Noble Silence: The container of silence is a time tested way to orient towards the inner worlds and to avoid activating the conditioned thinking mind.
  • Group Process: There is much value in sharing and learning what others are experiencing on the path, and there is a specific time in the retreat where you will be able to receive clarification and guidance in any areas.
  • Meditation: Every day we have five hours of meditation. This is the foundational practice for realizing your true nature. Meditation and self inquiry are eventually realized to be a singular process of stripping away of illusion.
  • Iboga micro dosing: Small amounts of this specific plant medicine has been found to accelerate progress in meditation. Iboga helps to quiet the default mode network of the brain and to catalyze the purification of samskaras (conditioned patterns) and the inner rewiring process, connecting you to higher levels of consciousness/soul. Iboga is not a shortcut, but is a catalyst for those ready to face the truth of who/what they are, and to free themselves of their deepest samskaras.
  • There is an optional special ceremony at the end of the retreat for those interested in experiencing the “God” molecule; a direct entheogenic experience that has been well-researched to help move us beyond the egoic structure. It can also facilitate the release of deep blockages and unconscious conditioning that is otherwise difficult to touch, and offers the possibility of a direct non-dual experience.

In addition, there will be sound healing, breath work (“Elemental Awakening” breathwork facilitated by John Cross), ecstatic dance, and an opportunity for all-night meditation to enter deeper states of meditative absorption.

The retreat has been designed to lead to an experience of the state Samadhi, as well as realizing the deep rewiring so that Samadhi becomes a permanent stage of development. .

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These retreats are limited to a maximum of 12 participants so that the ATW team can provide individual attention. These retreats are not for spiritual tourists or for those seeking some result or benefit in the external world. They are not something to add to your bank of spiritual “experiences”, but are for those at a certain point in the soul’s journey when one is ready to wake up from the illusion of the limited self and realize one’s true nature beyond name and form, and to learn to live a life guided by the spiritual heart.


$2500.00 for 10 days*


Meditation and self inquiry – Daniel Schmidt

Iboga provider/ facilitator – Lilla Balint

Breath work facilitator – John Cross

“God Molecule” Ceremony Facilitator- Magda

10 day I.A.M. Retreat Dates

June 3-12th, 2022

Sept 2-11th, 2022

* The Samadhi Center is a not for profit initiative. We have many hard costs for these retreats including food, accommodations, plant medicines, cooking, cleaning etc. The cost also covers support staff, and the ongoing cost of maintaining the Center. In the spirit of the ancient traditions we endeavor to make the dharma available and accessible to all. If you feel a genuine call to this retreat but need financial help, we will consider each person’s situation on a case by case basis.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

~ The Gospel of Thomas

In the study of the neuroplasticity of the brain and nervous system it has been found that neurons that fire together wire together, and this happens when one is in a state of presence. Combining the ancient form of dhyana/meditation, modern self inquiry and the use of Iboga provides what we feel are optimal conditions to simultaneously purify oneself of the deepest samskaras (conditioned patterns) and to awaken to one’s true nature beyond name and form. When the default mode network of the brain becomes quiet there is a possibility for true Samadhi/ prajna paramita (realization of the ultimate wisdom of the ground of existence); something that is exceedingly difficult to attain through traditional meditation alone. Of all entheogens on the planet, iboga could be described as a meditation tool, facilitating an inner rewiring so that the human avatar becomes increasingly permeable to primordial awareness.