Self Inquiry Dyads

Creating Conditions of No Escape for the Ego

 Dyad Sessions

Based on the self inquiry of Ramana Maharshi, insights from the Zen tradition, the Charles Berner self inquiry method as well as the dyad techniques used in modern psychology, this self inquiry creates conditions of no escape for the ego structure and for the awakening or realization of your true nature. Working continuously from early morning to late at night, participants alternate roles in dyads (groups of two), where one person is a witness and the other engages in deep inner investigation to realize who they are. Check out the sample schedule for details.

Who can participate in a self inquiry intensive?
A self inquiry intensive is the most powerful tool that we know of for awakening. It may be the perfect catalyst for awakening at a certain point on your evolutionary journey, but it is not for everyone. One may have physical or psychological healing that needs to happen before doing one of these retreats. Please contact us and arrange a zoom call for more information.

What is direct knowledge of your true nature?
When we usually speak of knowing something, we are speaking about information received from the mind and senses in the form of experience. It is the conditioned self or personality that experiences and knows through the mind and senses. Direct knowledge of your true nature is not mediated by the mind and senses. It is akin to waking up from the dream character that you have been experiencing or identified with, where one “just knows” that one is awake. It is not learned, or conditioned knowledge; it is something intrinsic to our being at a much deeper or more fundamental level. It is a realization of the timeless, eternal, primordial awareness that you are, beyond name and form.