Guided Meditation Recordings

Samadhi Guided Meditations

Whether you are getting started in meditation, or you are interested in deepening your meditation practice, this series of 1 hour long guided meditations is designed to cultivate the concentration and equanimity needed to realize Samadhi.


A brief overview of the core aspects of meditation, as well as how to optimally engage in this series.

Part 1 – Breath as the Bridge

Detailed guidance from the gross to subtle experience of the breath

Part 2- The Hindrances

Working consciously with hindrances such as pain, sleepiness and busy mind transforms them from being problems to opportunities.

Part 3 – Prana

Penetrating into the breath more deeply, the observer begins to merge with the spiral of life itself.

Part 4 – Know Yourself

Strip away all that’s changing; the relative, and realize your true nature; the Absolute.

Introductory meditations

The Pathless Path - 10 minute, 15, minute and 20 minute meditations.

#1 – Observing Reality As It IS

The Pathless Path
(Duration: 10 minutes)

#2 – Going Deeper Into the Inner World

The Pathless Path Meditation
(Duration: 10 minutes)

#3 – Let the Breath Take You, Find Out Who is Observing

The Pathless Path Meditation
(Duration: 10 minutes)

#4 – Expanding Breath Awareness to the Whole Body

The Pathless Path Meditation
(Duration: 15 minutes)

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Zoom Meditations

A selection from our weekly Zoom meditations. These guided meditations generally combine both self inquiry (short path) approaches as well as insight meditation ( long path) approaches.

Focus: From object to the objectless.

In this meditation, Tanya Mahar works with moving the focus of attention from a narrow sensory object to open, objectless awareness. (30 Minutes)

Working productively – and gently – with Emotions

Emotions can be very sticky – in this meditation Tanya Mahar offers a practice to work gently and productively within the emotional space. (30 Minutes)

I love a parade!

In this practice we use the metaphor of a parade to describe the constant flow of the objects of our experience (30 Minutes)

Being with our Emotional Experience – without the Story

It’s easy to get lost in and identified with strong emotions – lovely or challenging ones. (30 Minutes)

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