Guided Meditation Recordings

Samadhi Guided Meditations

Whether you are getting started in meditation, or you are interested in deepening your meditation practice, this series of 1 hour long guided meditations is designed to cultivate the concentration and equanimity needed to realize Samadhi.


A brief overview of the core aspects of meditation, as well as how to optimally engage in this series.

Part 1 – Breath as the Bridge

Detailed guidance from the gross to subtle experience of the breath

Part 2- The Hindrances

Working consciously with hindrances such as pain, sleepiness and busy mind transforms them from being problems to opportunities.

Part 3 – Prana

Penetrating into the breath more deeply, the observer begins to merge with the spiral of life itself.

Part 4 – Know Yourself

Strip away all that’s changing; the relative, and realize your true nature; the Absolute.

Introductory meditations

The Pathless Path - 10 minute, 15, minute and 20 minute meditations.

#1 – Observing Reality As It IS

The Pathless Path
(Duration: 10 minutes)

#2 – Going Deeper Into the Inner World

The Pathless Path Meditation
(Duration: 10 minutes)

#3 – Let the Breath Take You, Find Out Who is Observing

The Pathless Path Meditation
(Duration: 10 minutes)

#4 – Expanding Breath Awareness to the Whole Body

The Pathless Path Meditation
(Duration: 15 minutes)

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Zoom Meditations

A selection from our weekly Zoom meditations. These guided meditations generally combine both self inquiry (short path) approaches as well as insight meditation ( long path) approaches.

Relaxing the grip of the mind

In this practice we continually relax the mind’s tendency to engage and identify with particular objects – especially thoughts. (1 hour)

Feel Flow

Shinzen Young’s Feel Out Flow technique focusses on the changing aspects of somatic sensations. (30 Minutes)

Working with the emotional space.

This ‘Feel In’ technique can be very helpful in working productively with challenging emotions. (30 minutes)

The third eye as meditation object

Dan uses the third eye as the meditation object to wake up to stillness within stillness, the wisdom of the true self, the unborn primordial awareness. (1 hour)

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