How to do Self Inquiry

The Dyad Process (Tell me Who you Are)

The self-inquiry intensives at the samadhi center are a rigorous form of Sadhana or spiritual practice designed to create conditions of ‘no escape’ for the egoic mind to bring about the possibility of Samadhi and Awakening to your true nature.

Self-inquiry can be done individually and when it’s done on your own it’s meditation self-inquiry can be done with a partner in what we call dyads or it can be done with a group where the entire group is focused on one person who is doing the inquiry. The main technique used during the self-inquiry retreat is the dyad.

The Retreat format involves working from early morning 6 am until 11 pm at night. The participants are encouraged to enter into a period of continuous practice, continuously inquiring into Who We Are. [Read Transcript]

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