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Travelling Between Worlds – HD Audiovisual Journey (MP4)

Travelling Between Worlds – HD Audiovisual Journey (MP4) and MP3’s for Download

(These videos are close to blu-ray quality and are suitable for playback on a computer or device designed for dealing with large files. They are much too large for phones and tablets and will need to be converted in iTunes or other software and then transferred to your device. )


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“Traveling Between Worlds” was created live, in the stream of consciousness. There was no editing or changes made- what you hear is the original live meditative journey. The music was combined with fractal visuals to create an immersive audio/visual journey. Fractals are infinitely recursive, always changing and evolving; always repeating a pattern, yet different.

Travelling Between Worlds – HD Audiovisual Journey. Music by Daniel Schmidt.
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This item is part of the Fractalverse ‘Dissolving the Veil’ album, listen to samples here