Samadhi Guided Meditations

The Samadhi guided meditation series is a practical way to realize Samadhi in your life. It is only through deep inquiry into the self that one will truly understand what the film Samadhi points towards. Whether you are getting started in meditation, or you are interested in deepening your meditation practice, this series of guided meditations is designed to cultivate the concentration and equanimity needed to realize Samadhi. The parts are not separate meditation techniques, but part of one evolving, continuously deepening practice of observing the breath. Traditionally Samadhi is realized through deep meditation and self inquiry, which should not be regarded as separate things (this will become more evident as you practice). If you want to realize Samadhi it is necessary to move beyond intellectual understanding to direct experience. The series is available here as Youtube videos, downloadable MP3’s and it can also be found on the Insight Timer app on iOS and Android devices. 

The MP3’s for all of the guided meditations are available here:
1 – Introduction: Breath as the Bridge (7 minutes) 
2- Samadhi Guided Meditation Part 1: Concentration and Surrender (One hour long) 
3- Samadhi Guided Meditation Part 2: The Hindrances (One hour long)
4- Samadhi Guided Meditation Part 3: Prana (One hour long) 
5- Samadhi Guided Meditation Part 4: Know Yourself (One hour long) 

In this series of guided meditations, it is important to have the correct relationship to the instructions in the guided meditation. The meditative technique of focusing on the breath must be understood as simply a way to divert energy from the mind, and to bring consciousness deep into the unconscious aspects of your being. The technique is not something to add to your mind or self structure. Any technique is a “thorn to remove a thorn”, so you must be willing to let it go once it has served its purpose. As you move closer to Samadhi there is less mind, less technique, and less self, until there is a cessation of all activities of the self structure. This cessation of self is Samadhi, and in that stillness the dawning of wisdom or prajna is possible. For more information on meditation check out the article “Meditation and the Path of Liberation”.

1 – Breath as the Bridge

In this meditation we focus on awareness of the breath to break the habit patterns of the mind. 

2 – The Hindrances

In this guided meditation we learn how to deal with obstacles and hindrances that come up in your meditation practice.

3 – Prana

In this guided meditation we observe the subtle energetic layers of our being.

4 – Know Yourself

In this guided meditation we turn awareness towards itself, witnessing the witness, oberving the observer.