Worldwide Meditation

Thank you for having joined us at this event.

Worldwide Meditation for the Awakening of Human Consciousness

The worldwide meditation for the awakening of human consciousness happened in the evening of Saturday April 4th.

This event was streamed live at:

As the world has come to a pause in much of its business and doing, it is an opportunity to connect to our inner worlds and to connect to higher shared levels of consciousness. There is an impersonal consciousness or consciousness of the heart and from this primordial awareness, beyond the limited mind, and egoic self interest, we can begin to dream a new dream for the Earth. 

On April 4th 2020 there were many different groups doing different things around the world for this event. The meditation done at the Samadhi Center could be called ‘a surrender to the spiritual heart’. During the one hour meditation there were some brief words of guidance followed by sitting in silence. The guiding part was an instruction for entering into beginner’s mind, not knowing mind, a humbling of the limited self, letting go of all doing. It is this negative path or “via negativa” that leads to Samadhi.

Access the live stream recordings of  the guided meditation for world awakening.

Global Meditation #1

Global Meditation #2

As many of you already know we are doing weeky drop-in meditations on an ongoing basis. Sign up to the drop-in meditation mailing list.

Wishing you deep equanimity and inner surrender as we experience this time of change.

Dan and Tanya

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