Here are a few answers to most asked questions

Q. Where can I purchase the Samadhi/ Inner Worlds Outer Worlds DVD/ Blu-ray or H.264 high quality download?

A. The films can be purchased or downloaded at: https://awakentheworld.com/atw-store/

Q.  I’m interested in attending the Samadhi Center in Ontario for a meditation retreat, where do I find information?

A. Check out the retreats that are available here

Q.   I’m interested in supporting your work, how can I do that?

 A. We are deeply grateful for every monetary gift that supports the ATW initiative, regardless of the size.  We have a wonderful Patreon Community for those who wish to support us with a monthly donation as small as $1 (which really adds up!)  Our Patrons receive invitations to our on-line events as well as free gifts such as Daniel’s original music tracks and sacred geometry wallpapers, as a show of appreciation for their ongoing support.  We can also receive one-time donations via Paypal.

Are you a Visionary Artist?  We’re also always looking for art, animation, video and music for the upcoming films.  If you would like to contribute your art for fully credited use by Awaken the World, please contact us at contact@awakentheworld.com.

Q. I want to learn more about realizing Samadhi. How can I learn meditation or deepen my existing meditation practice?

A: We have many guided meditations available for free as well as ongoing live drop-in zoom meditations. Check out the details at awakentheworld.com.

Q. I would like to connect with others on the path of awakening. How can I connect with you and those who are on a similar path?

A: We have free drop-in online meditations happening regularly. Some meditations are in silence while others provide guidance. A wonderful online community is developing! The gathering happens via Zoom conferencing, which is free to download. Details and upcoming dates can be found here: https://awakentheworld.com/atw-drop-in-meditations/

Q. I’m looking for a particular piece of music from one of the films. How can I find it?

A: The soundtracks from Inner Worlds Outer Worlds and the Samadhi Films have been combined into the “Inner Worlds Music” soundtrack compilation. The links for various options such as iTunes, and Spotify can be found in the ATW store. Unfortunately not every track from the films made its way onto this compilation so if it is not there, we do not have a way to make it available.