Invitation to stillness

Warm greetings,

It goes without saying that many of us around the globe faced unexpected challenges these years, as well as an amplification of our usual struggles. It has been a time of letting go of the old patterns and structures and moving into new energies and consciousness. It’s at times like this that an established practice can offer us a rope to the barn – a way to navigate our experience in a way that minimizes suffering. Or maybe it’s times like this that we get the push we need; the incentive to begin and maintain a regular practice. Here at ATW our appreciation and connection to the community of folks who join us online for meditations, watch the films and support our work continues to deepen.

The Awaken the World online Meditation Community was formed as a supportive, inclusive virtual space for anyone who is interested in establishing, steadying or deepening their practice.

We would like to extend to you an Invitation to Stillness

We meditate for countless reasons, and in countless ways. Meditation can make us healthier, happier people and can also help us realize our true nature beyond the limited ‘me’.

For most of us, making real change requires a regular, long-term practice. The Online Awaken the World Daily Meditation Community was formed as a free, drop-in, inclusive virtual space for anyone who is interested in establishing, steadying or deepening their practice.

We welcome people from all over the world to join our daily unguided meditations where we can gather in the universal language of silence. During the daily silent meditations you’re free to sit in silence or use any recording that supports your practice.

We also offer weekly guided meditations where we have the opportunity to practice together then connect and share our experiences.

This space is open equally to all nationalities, sexual orientations, political affiliations, ethnicities, traditions, gender identities and religions, and perhaps through practice we may come to realize the truth that’s beyond all discrimination, labels and judgement.

All of the beautiful books, films and teachings about meditation cannot be mistaken for your own direct experience- they are merely pointers. As has been said, don’t mistake the map for the territory.


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