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Morning Silent Meditations Every Day 7 AM EDT | Go to Zoom Meeting

Daily Silent Meditations*: 

Join us on a Silent Meditations every day from 7:00 to 8:00AM EDT


No guidance is offered during our daily hour long silent meditations, just a start and end bell. The meetings offer a space for sitting in silence, listening to a recorded Awaken the World meditation, or any recording that best serves your practice.  We do ask that you remain as still as possible and keep your audio muted.

• Saturday Guided Meditations:

Saturdays with Dan
(Every last Saturday of the month)

7:00AM-9:00AM EDT Online Meditation with Dan, self inquiry focus followed by approximately 1 hour of Q&A/sharing.

Upcoming dates:

Saturday Dec 2nd at 7AM EST– Self Inquiry

*International Friends
EDT is Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4) in North America from mid March through November 1rst, changing to EST, Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) during the remaining months.

March 13, – Daylight Saving Time Start
Sessions start 1 hour later.

Nov 6, – Daylight Saving Time Ends
Sessions start 1 hour earlier.

Review international daylight saving times here

** These changes may bring confusion when the meeting is attended in any other timezone. Not only does DST mean that meeting times will change for those in regions that don’t observe it, but because some regions start and end DST on different schedules it can mean that a meeting’s time could change twice in a short period of time.

Recommended practice: Add the ATW meditation schedule to your Google calendar

The best way to avoid timezone problems is to check the ATW Google Calendar with all daily meditations in it! This calendar should show sessions in your local time no matter where you are, so we recommend it for anyone outside the USA.

Click this link (same as the one above) to Add Calendar.

You should see your Google Calendar, with a popup showing an Add button.

Clicking Add will permanently add the ‘ATW Daily Meditation’ calendar to the My Calendars list in the sidebar on the left.

Once you’ve Added the calendar, you can tick or untick the checkbox next to ATW Daily Meditation Schedule to show or hide all the meetings.

In the future, if you click on the ATW Google Calendar link again, it will just open Google Calendar with the box ticked to show all meditation sessions.

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More About our Online Meditations 

The Awaken the World online Meditation Community was formed as a supportive, inclusive virtual space for anyone who is interested in establishing, steadying or deepening their practice.  All are welcome to join us for these free, drop-in gatherings. We explore both insight meditation (the progressive or developmental path) and self inquiry (the short path or direct path).

The direct path focuses our attention away from objective experience and directs it towards the inner light of awareness that is always present and unaffected by that which comes and goes. Other names for this type of meditation are mahamudra, shikantaza (just sitting), choiceless awareness and the practice of prajna paramita. In self inquiry practice, one may ask the question “Who or what is having the experience?” Realizing our true nature is just one step on this path, as we must then continue with practices that integrate this remembering more and more into our everyday experiences.

We also explore a variety of insight meditation techniques (also known as Vipassana or mindfulness meditation) that develop our ability to bring awareness, concentration and equanimity to what’s happening in our experience moment to moment. Insight meditation gradually exposes and strips away the layers of the illusory self – refining and purifying the body/mind – preparing it for the ultimate dissolution into source. If meditators are struggling with particular hindrances i.e. challenging physical or emotional experiences, insight meditation practices can help navigate them both on and off the cushion.

Which should you practice?
Whatever works! You may find that integrating both practices simultaneously is most beneficial, that you’re drawn to just one, or take time to explore each on its own. Both paths ultimately lead to the same destination – Samadhi – which is to simply be here in the now, fully present, unfiltered by the egoic mind.

 Zoom is an easy to use, free video conference system that is usable on any device. https://zoom.us/
* Please have it downloaded and test it out prior to the start of the meeting at:  https://zoom.us/j/6131117777

We created a Patreon page as a way for our supporters to offer continual financial support of Awaken the World film projects (which are always offered to the world for free). We have chosen to share the full recordings of the online Zoom sits exclusively with our Patreon community as a thank you for their ongoing support – which can be as little as $1 per month.  These sessions are happily offered for free in order to make them available to anyone interested in exploring meditation, however if you would like to make a monthly donation as a Patreon supporter, or make a one-time donation to the Awaken the World Initiative your support is deeply appreciated.

Check out previous recordings of guided half hour meditations on the Samadhi Center Meditation Playlist

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